Quotation1 I think I'll have you for dessert. Quotation2

This is Zomom.


Zomom is one of the Deadly Six and is the second one to be fought. He eats more than any of the Deadly Six. For more info, click here.

Other Appearances

Sonic Dash

Zomom is a collectible card in Sonic Dash, having crumbs on his chin.

Archie Comics

Zomom Comic

Zomom in Archie Comics.

Zomom made a brief appearance in Sonic Halloween Comic Fest 2013 and Sonic Super Special Magazine #9 published by Archie Comics, which are both comic book prequels to Sonic Lost World. In the comics, after Dr. Eggman had enslaved the Deadly Six with his Cacophonic Conch, Zomom and the other members of the Deadly were rounded by Zavok, and went down to Earth to capture animals for Eggman.


  • Zomom is the fattest one at of all of the Deadly Six.
  • Zomom can use his weight to take out certain objects.
    • Like his second battle at Desert Ruins, Sonic will fall downwards being stunned of the mini-earthquake and will not get up until Zomom gets up.
  • It is possible that his mom seems to hate Zomom and thinks of him as a failure.
    • This might be true that Zomom's final line in both version(Wii U and 3DS) of Sonic Lost World is that his mom says that he is a failure.