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TAC in Kirby Super Star Ultra.

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TAC(originally T.A.C.) is a enemy that first appear in Kirby Super Star and it's latest appearance is Kirby Mass Attack(cameo in Kirby Brawlball). It's ability is the rare Copy ability. It can copy any enemy's power and Kirby will turn to that ability.

In Party Ninja Comics

TAC surprise Party Ninja fans because Sensei Rock says that he was his adopted brother. But, he never mentions this to his trainee and TAC since that Sensei Rock also mentions that the both of them fighting is ¨training¨.


  • TAC is the word cat spelled backwards.
    • This might be a reason for TAC's design since that he haves cat ears.
    • TAC is the only enemy so far to grant the Copy Ability.
  • TAC is the only enemy in Kirby Super Star Ultra that his block move (L/R button) that doesn't do small damage to him since that he turns invisible.
    • Unless if a enemy, mid-boss and/or boss stands where TAC is exactly standing and doesn't move and is forced to stop the block and do damage to him.
      • This is the only problem for the player
  • TAC is one of the thieves in all of the Kirby games so far. The others are Daroach, Dark Daroach, Doc, Droppy, Storo, Spinni, and Squeakers.