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Quotation1 Be warned, my foes! I have Mirror Magic, the ultimate weapon! Are you sure you want to fight me? Quotation2

Simirror in Kirby Super Star Ultra.


Simirror is a enemy from Kirby Super Star and Super Star Ultra. Sometimes, when defeated, it will revealed that the enemy that Kirby defeated was a clone and the real one will attack him from behind.

In Party Ninja Comics

Simirror is the leader of the Kill Squad. HJe uses the same moves as in the game that he appears in.


  • Simirror is one of the enemies that is the only one that grants a Copy Ability. The others are Chef Kawasaki, TAC, Knuckle Joe, and Birdon.
    • He grants the Mirror ability.
  • The player can use the clone attack, but when not defeated.
    • He will separate himself into two and any enemy that touches both Simirror will received damage, then come back together again.
      • This is his dash attack.
        • This can be done by dashing(you can tell if he slides by a mirror) then attacks.
          • The player can do this move multiple times if the player keeps attacking.
  • Simirror's look is similar to Black Mage's from Final Fantasy.