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Silver the Hedgehog

This is Silver the Hedgehog.


Silver is a hedgehog that comes 200 years from the future. He hates Sonic at first because he thought that he was the infamous "Iblis Trigger". After while, they became friends. He is also friends with Shadow. He is a Flight type in the Sonic games.

In Party Ninja Comics

When Bomb Dee was "websurfing", there was an icon that says "Silver for his own game".


To kill someone to save the world...Is it really the right thing to do?
— Silver


  • He is so far the only one who uses psychokinesis.
    • But it is possible that Black Doom and Iblis can use psychokinesis.
      • Since that Black Doom throws debris at Super Shadow at the final battle without grabbing Shadow the Hedgehog(2005).
        • Also, in Sonic the Hedgehog(2006), at Silver's Story, the final boss(Iblis) grabs lava rocks from the magma and then throws then at Silver and Blaze without his hands.