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Party Ninja's look.

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Party Ninja


Party Ninja is a Waddle Dee who's alignment is good and Arabic name is:حزب النينجا.


His costume is mostly gray with black on a few parts of this costume. He haves a blue and green balloon sword. He also have other costumes(ex. Christmas Suit: Green and Red; Easter Suit: Purple and Yellow; New Year: Blue and Orange).


Waddle Daa, Sensei Rock, Ron, Suprise Warrior, Kirby, Saito, Aege, Waddle DaaDaa, Kile, Block Man, Corey the Hamster, Owlric, Cowboy Dee, Spikey.


Bullet the Waddle Dee, Suprise Warrior(at first), Ron(at first), Meta Knight, Block Dee, Bulletbam, Ninjuge.


Sailor Dee, Mask, Galacta Knight, Nightmare Warrior, Dr. Mule.


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Early Life

Party Ninja haves a mom, a dad with 2 brothers. Around his time, his family was captured by Nightmare Warrior. Party Ninja managed to escape him, but never have seen his parents since today.

Chosen One

At 2006, he was chosen by Sensei Rock to be his sensei and teach the ways of Partyjitsu. He gave him his ballon sowrds that was made by King Python's skin.


At the very first comic of Party Ninja, Party Ninja graduated and decided to start his own story in Popstar.

First Rival

At the start of the second comic of Party Ninja, he was singing Reach from the Stars from Sonic Colors. Then, Ron showed up out of a tree, confusing readers with Ninjugage.

Encounter with the Dastards

To be added.


  • He bears a resemblance with Deadpool from Marvel and Jay from Ninjago.
  • In Party Ninja Ventures Await, it was revealed that Party Ninja told Bandana Dee about Bullet's reviver.
  • Some people thinks that when Party Ninja's swords are in his sword holder, it looks like he is a bunny.
    • But,Due to Party Ninja's size, you can see the upper part of the sword.
  • For Party Ninja's original design, it looks like a cross between Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Ben 10.
    • Plus, his name used to be, Killerazer.