"This is the first ever Mini Time! comic. For the info page, click here. For the next comic, Troublesome Waters, click here"


Mini Time 1#Operation:Carmeldassen is the first ever Mini Time! comic ever. It was in the end of the pilot comic of Party Ninja:Hey, Where's the Pilot?.

Comic Description

Party Ninja finds mail in his mailbox that he got a new mission! But, it's WAY different than he expected to be.

What it is About

Party Ninja recieves an mail saying that he got a mission. He was happy at first. Soon after reading the rest, he realizes that he haves to do an Carmeldassen video, just like Kirby, Saito, and Aege did. When doing the video, he thinks "Well, this ruin my day."


Box 1

Party Ninja finds out that he haves mail, then open it.

Box 2

Party Ninja reads mail:

Dear Party Ninja,

You have a new mission!



Box 3

Party Ninja rejoices.

Box 4

Party Ninja does Carmeldassen dance.

Box 5

Party Ninja thinking that this ruin his day.


Party Ninja

Box 3


Box 5

¨Well, this ruin my day.¨



Caramell - Caramelldansen (English Version) Official

Caramell - Caramelldansen (English Version) Official

There are 3 videos. The first one is the original english version. The second one is Kirby and Waddle Doo. The thrid one is Kirby, Saito, and Aege.
Kirby Caramelldansen

Kirby Caramelldansen

Caramelldansen Kirby

Caramelldansen Kirby