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Gumball Watterson
Gumball Watterson

This is Gumball Watterson.


Gumball Tristopher Watterson is a 12 year old cat who is the main character of the Gumball series. He haves a 10 year old adopted(uses to be a pet)brother name Darwin and and 4 year old sister name Anais. For more info, click here.


Gumball here!
— Gumball
— One of Gumball's notable quotes

Fusion Fall Heroes


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"His Chowder hat gives him increased health. Could that be why he's so hungry?"
— Marzipan Gumball

In Fusion Fall:Heroes

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"He's small and quick. And his area attacks can hit a whole bunch of enemies from long range"
— Description

He is available since the game started. His costumes resembles Chowder and Hex. Four Arms, one of Ben's transformations, haves a reference from the series.


  • Gumball haves a crush on Penny, a peanut with antlers.
  • Gumball haves mistakenly kiss Darwin so far twice.
  • If you counting the Early Reel, Gumball have been the first one to ever spoke in the show.
    • If not, then you are counting his mom, Nicole.
  • Gumball is the only member of the Watterson family that does not have any visible eyelashes.