Quotation1 There is plently of things you do not want to know about me, about my past, my friends, my enemies. But there is one thing you need to keep in mind. I was capsuled a decade ago. Now, it is just the same thing like that day, I´m out to destroy Popstar once again, and everything that gets in my way, such as you and that Waddle Dee. Quotation2
When fighting Party Ninja

Bullet's latest appearence.


(Left to Right)Suprise Warrior, Party Ninja, Artic and Bullet.


(Left to Right)Suprise Warrior, Party Ninja, Artic and Bullet the Waddle Dee. Bullet the Waddle Dee is a Waddle Dee that his alignment is neutral, formely evil, though. He is known for being one of Party Ninja's longest rival. He is from the Party Ninja comics.


His main color is red. His second color is brown( also his feet.). His bandana is purple, also.


  • He resembles Shadow the Hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
    • Not to mention, they have some similar moves, but with different names. They also search for their past self.
  • When in black and white comics, he and Kile almost look alike, but Bullet have a dark line vertically across both of his legs that represent his rocket boots.