Quotation1 Why do you still difficultly try to fight me? It's a matter of time that I will kill every single one of you. Then again, I wouldn't have this much fun. Quotation2
When fighting Party Ninja
Blade slayer

Blade Slayer's first form.

Can you keep a secret?
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Blade Slayer is a murderer who's alignment is good. At the 3/4 of the comic:Slayer of Blades, it was revealed that he was Sailor Dee.


With Party Ninja

Party Ninja is a serious threat to him. He metioned that he will kill him even if he brings down a dimesion with him.


  • His mask is a bit somewhat of Meta Knight and Galacta Knight.
  • In his second form, his shoulders is no longer seen because spikes grew on his side on his mask, covering the shoulders.
  • His sword, Killslay, is a technology tool.
    • This, Blade Slayer metioned that.