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Ash's look

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Ash(short of Ashley)is a character from the NFL Rush Zone. She used to work for Sudden Death and helped captured Ish. She was spposed to be the Guardian, but the Hall of Legends had determined her to be unworthy. In the movie, she betrayed Sudden Death and hepled Ish defeats him. In the second season, she becomes a Guardian. She begans to take on Wild Card and Drop Kick. In the third season, she fought Sudden Death once again. For more information, click here. For the gallery, click here.


Ash is an 11 years old Caucasian redhead with freckles and best friends with Ish. She is a good student and athlete, an adorable Tomboy.


The powers below is when she is in Guardian form.

Super Kick

Ash's kick creates a swirling vortex that packs a powerful punch.

Super Stomp

Her kick can be super-powered, can make the Earth shake and sends a energy wave knocking things back.


She is in "second-in-command". She is the only girl in her team. Her team is below: